Cross border meaning english

Cross-Border Financing

While some people think of cross border as the cross border xpress between USA and Mexico — we see it as much more than that. Many also ask us what is cross border during our annual Cross Border Summit. The definition of cross border would be best described as companies doing business together between two different countries. The money, the product, the communication and culture — all happen from 2 different sides of a border.

If you are looking for specific service providers listed, check out our cross border business resources page. If you want to use our marketplace to have a secure transaction, check our the GFA market here. The act of selling something from one country to another via B2C business to consumer. Many feel this is exclusively Chinese cross-border e-commerce selling into China by shipping B2C from an overseas country — the term cross border e-commerce originated once eBay started actively recruiting Chinese sellers on its US marketplace in Having it purchased in one country and then delivered from another.

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Here are a few of our more popular podcasts and blog guides. A bit more specific — and commonly called cross-border e-commerce in China — is Chinese cross-border e-commerce. This is the act of selling products from outside of China warehoused and fulfilled and shipping them B2C business to consumer, 1 by 1 into Mainland China.

It is critical to have a good shipping, warehousing, and fulfillment solution to do successful cross border e-commerce. It is mission critical in e-commerce to have the right logistics in place. Getting your goods from the supplier to your end consumer must be seamless and without hiccups.

Global From Asia understands the importance of cross border logistics and regularly interviews service providers in the space.

On top of logistics companies, we also want to hear from e-commerce companies themselves on what is happening for their own fulfillment needs. Our readers and listeners loves to know the nitty gritty on cross border warehousing, logistics, and payments and we have a passion to keep a steady flow of knowledge delivered.

cross border meaning english

These guides give you deep insights on what it takes to ensure you get your goods to customers in a timely and safe way. Financial institutions are going through massive disruption.

But banks love cross-border payments — this is where they can enjoy fees and foreign exchange rate margins much higher than domestic within the same country transactions. Global From Asia is passionate about sharing the latest trends and solutions for cross border payments, to keep more money in your pocket both as a business owner and individual.

Cross Border travel! What is the right Passport visa when going to a new country? Can you get a second passport? Where should you have your residency?

As your cross border business grows — you as an individual will need to take a more active role on finding the best location for your business and yourself. Start this journey by travel — seeing new countries and experiencing new business opportunities.Nearby, a yellow Caterpillar excavator sits idle next to an opening that once led into a cross-border tunnel.

For months, there were cross-border concerns in the United States about traveling to Mexico, and about Mexicans traveling here. In January, Italy and Switzerland began talks on cross-border transparency on the matter. The FDLR has been cited by the Rwandan government as the reason it must remain engaged in cross-border security. The organization claims it is now the only cross-border anti-poaching unit in East Africa. Top Definitions Quizzes Examples cross-border.

Are you learning Spanish? Or do you just have an interest in foreign languages? Either way, this quiz on Spanish words for animals is for you. Origin of cross-border —95, for an earlier sense. Words nearby cross-border crossbirthcrossbitecrossbodycrossbolt lockcrossbonescross-bordercrossbowcrossbowmancrossbredcrossbreedcross-breeding. Example sentences from the Web for cross-border Nearby, a yellow Caterpillar excavator sits idle next to an opening that once led into a cross-border tunnel.

Need Homework Help?A cross-border region is a territorial entity that is made of several local or regional authorities that are co-located yet belong to different nation states. Cross-border regions exist to take advantage of geographical conditions to strengthen their competitiveness. In Europe, there are a large number of cross-border regions. Some of them are often referred to as ' Euroregions ' although this is an imprecise concept that is used for a number of different arrangements.

European cross-border regions are most commonly constituted through co-operation among border municipalities, districts or regions. Many cross-border regions receive financial support from the European Commission via its Interreg programme. They vary in their legal and administrative set-up but have in common that they are not 'regions' in an administrative-constitutional sense.


Many cross-border regions are based on some sort of civil-law agreements among the participating authorities. In a second step, the associations then join each other on the basis of a civil-law cross-border agreement to establish the cross-border entity.

Since then, Euroregions and other forms of cross-border co-operation have developed throughout Europe. For local and regional authorities, engaging in cross-border regions meant they entered a field long reserved for central state actors.

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They dealt with issues such as local cross-border spatial planning and transport policy. But over the last thirty years the scope for non-central governments NCGs to co-operate across borders has widened considerably. To a large degree, this can be related to macro-regional integration in Europe.

In particular, two supranational bodies, the Council of Europe and the European Union, were important for improving the conditions under which NCGs could co-operate across borders. Whereas the Council of Europe was in past particularly active in improving the legal situation, the Commission of the European Union new provides substantial financial support for CBC initiatives.

Legally, the first cross-border regions were based on agreements with varying degrees of formality and mostly relied on good will. Inon the initiative of the Council of Europe, the so-called Madrid Convention Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation was introduced as a first step towards CBC structures based on public law. The convention has been signed by 20 countries and was more recently updated with two Additional Protocols.

The Euroregion Rijn-Waal on the Dutch-German border has been such a cross-national public body since However, the regulations delivered by such agencies are binding only on the public authorities within the cross-border area concerned and not on civil subjects Denters et al. There are several ways in which cross-border regions can be distinguished.

First, they vary in geographic scope. The latter — most of them were founded between and — usually comprise several regions forming large areas that can stretch over several nation states. However, some groupings, such as the Atlantic Arc, succeeded in obtaining European funds Balme et al. Smaller initiatives are technically referred to as micro cross-border regions [2] but for simplicity they can be called Euroregions. Organizationally, Euroregions usually have a council, a presidency, subject-matter oriented working groups and a common secretariat.

The term Euroregion can refer both to a territorial unit, comprising the territories of the participating authorities, and an organizational entity, usually the secretariat or management unit. Legally, the cooperation can take different forms, ranging from legally non-binding arrangements to public-law bodies. In most cases, the participating authorities are local authorities, although in other cases regional or district authorities are involved.

Occasionally, third organizations, such as regional development agencies, interest associations and chambers of commerce, have become official members. Cross-border regions also differ in terms of how closely the participating parties work with each other. While some initiatives hardly go beyond ceremonial contacts, others are engaged in enduring and effective collaboration.

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A third way of distinguishing cross-border regions considers the nature of the participating authorities. Most of the small-scale initiatives involve local authorities as the driving protagonists whereas large-scale CBC is almost exclusively driven by regional authorities. There is variance in this respect, depending on the territorial organization of different European countries. For instance, in Germany, local administration comprises two levels, the municipalities and the Kreise, with the latter being self-governed groupings of municipalities.

In most cases, the Kreise are the driving force behind cross-border initiatives.These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. In the English-Greek dictionary you will find more translations. NL grensoverschrijdend. NL grensverkeer grensoverschrijdend verkeer.

cross border meaning english

More information. In dit geval zouden twee landen een grensoverschrijdend luchtruimblok vormen. Wij zijn verantwoordelijk voor de bedrijfspensioenen, en wel grensoverschrijdend. Net zoals mijnheer de commissaris en de fungerend voorzitter van de Raad al hebben gedaan doel ik op de mechanismen die in de derde pijler zijn voorzien voor controle van het grensverkeer.

Ik zie het echter als een eerste stap om bij grensoverschrijdend verkeer deze internationale transporttijd te beperken tot acht uur. Context sentences Context sentences for "cross-border" in Dutch These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English We likewise have to develop our assessment of cross - border environmental impact. English People understand that there is a need for cross - border cooperation in this area.

English Gauge switches are now being tested there to make it easier to cross the border. English In this instance, two countries would constitute a cross - border block of airspace.

English Together, we shall be able to solve Europe's cross - border environmental problems. English Cross - border cooperation is required when it comes to health care services too. English The situation regarding cross - border transactions, on the other hand, is different. English Almost a third of the work force, 80 people that is, are cross - border commuters. English Consequently, there should be cross - border cooperation to prevent conflicts. English The EU has been unable to solve this cross - border problem for the past 13 years.

English We are responsible for occupational retirement provision, and on a cross - border basis. English And we must also promote the development of cross - border systems of decision-making. English But they should do so now by granting Objective 1 status on a cross - border basis. English It says quite clearly: ' Takes the view that cross - border transport, etc. English It might, if anything, be said that there is too little cross - border consolidation.

English CO2 emissions are a cross - border problem and require a European approach. English Secondly, I think it is very important to refer to the cross - border language area.Cross-border financing—also known as import and export financing—refers to any financing arrangement that occurs outside a country's borders. Cross-border financing helps businesses participate in international trade by providing a source of funding that enables them to compete globally and conduct business beyond their domestic borders.


Cross-border financing sometimes requires the lender or provider to act as an agent between the business, their suppliers, and the end-customers. Cross-border financing comes in many forms and includes cross-border loans, letters of credit, repatriable incomeor bankers acceptances BA.

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Cross border financing within corporations can become very complex, mostly because almost every inter-company loan that crosses national borders has tax consequences. This occurs even when the loans or credit are extended by a third party, such as a bank. Large, international corporations have entire teams of accountants, lawyers, and tax experts that evaluate the most tax-efficient ways of financing overseas operations.

Many companies opt for cross-border financing services when they have global subsidiaries e.

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Opting in for cross-border financing solutions can allow these corporations to maximize their borrowing capacity and access the resources they need for sustained global competition.

Cross-border factoring is a type of cross-border financing that provides businesses with immediate cash flow that can be used to support growth and operations. In this type of financing, businesses will sell their receivables to another company. This third-party company—also known as the factoring company—collects payments from customers and transfers the payments to the original business owner, minus fees charged for providing the service.

The advantage to the business owners is that they receive their money upfront rather than waiting anywhere from 30 to days for payment from their customers. Currency risk refers to the possibility companies may lose money due to changes in currency rates that occur from conducting international trade.

When structuring terms of a loan across nations and currencies, companies may find it challenging to obtain a favorable exchange rate. Political risk refers to the risk a company faces when doing business in a foreign country that experiences political instability. For this reason, some providers of cross-border financing may restrict doing business in certain regions of the world.

In Sept. The acquisition required U. The advantage to these American companies in participating in a cross-border deal was that it helped ensure them continued access to Toshiba's prized memory chips. In recent years many corporations, along with sponsors, have chosen loan financing over debt financing. This has affected the structure of many cross-border loan financing deals, particularly as covenant-lite cov-lite loans allow the borrower significantly more flexibility than some traditional loan terms.

Cov-lite loans require fewer restrictions on collateral, re-payment terms, and level of income on the part of the borrower. International Markets. Investing Essentials. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Personal Finance Banking. What Is Cross-Border Financing? Key Takeaways Cross-border financing refers to the process of providing funding for business activities that occur outside a country's borders.Add cross-border to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Follow us. Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Usage explanations of natural written and spoken English. Word Lists. Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:.

cross border meaning english

The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Examples of cross-border. And as climate change accelerates, the fence will only increase cross - border tension. From Slate Magazine. The new unit will work to provide e-commerce, card-present, and card-not-present transaction processing to its clients interested in cross - border services, according to the company. From Business Insider.

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. The bank hopes that the new division will simplify the payment experience for enterprise clients needing to process cross - border transactions.

Whereas in just 14 percent of cross - border flows of goods, services, and finances originated in emerging economies, today nearly 40 percent do. From Foreign Policy. On the contrary, we should have learned from the crisis that financial markets need regulation, and that cross - border capital flows are particularly dangerous.

In a global economy with cross - border mergers and acquisitions, national governments compete for corporate taxpayers. From The Hill. Because of all the cross - border activities, state-by-state solutions just don't work.We all must have heard about Cross- Border Investment and how is it essential in the emerging markets, but the first question that pops into our head is what is a cross-border investment? And how is it different from any other Investment?

So to deal with the very concept of Cross-Border Investment we need to understand the definition of it:. As a layman, we may not be able to understand the legal definition of cross-border investment, so to make it simple we define cross-border investment as:. So after we have understood the concept of Cross-Border Investment and the types of Investments involved, the next question we ponder upon is who all can make Cross- Border Investment?

The answer to which is anyone can make investment in a Foreign Country such as:. The biggest question after understanding the basic idea of investing in a Foreign Country is how to make such an Investment? To sum it all up here we first understand the ways of investing:. After knowing the ways of Investing the other most important thing to do is to study the market that one is planning to invest in and enquire the following:.

As a Company when you chose to enter a foreign market, you need to study the economic condition of the market and be sure whether that you are going flourish by investing in that market or your investment is a total lost call i.

Every Country is different, and thus the people will react differently to different things i. When it comes to investing understand the social and cultural factor of a market is very important because understanding the culture followed by people gives you an idea if the investment is going to be fruitful or no.

Another very important factor is the attitude of nationals of a country towards foreign companies, foreign products and foreign citizens.

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Nationals of countries who have been dominated by foreign powers in the past are wary of anything foreign and may not be too open to accept the foreign investment in the country and may instead want to uplift the domestic products.

Moreover, the Legal factor may vary country to country i. The attractiveness of a market can be assessed by evaluating the market potential in terms of revenues that can be generated, access to the market in terms of the host country being warm to investments by multinational companies, and potential competition and dynamics of the industry in the prospective market.

A big market with a rapid rate of growth can be very attractive, and a big upfront investment can be justified in such a market. Lack of entrenched competitors and stability in the type and number of competitors add to the attractiveness of the market. The last and most important factor is the capability of the company to invest in such a market. Before a company decides to go global, it should conduct an audit of its resources and capabilities. The Company should have clear competitive advantages in terms of market knowledge, technology, the portfolio of products, reliable partners and other relevant parameters, failing which the Company can face a big loss in a foreign market or may end up bearing such losses that the standing of a company in the domestic market may also suffer.

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To sum it up, I will state the benefits of Cross- Border Investments by stating the most obvious example of India and China. As we know that as companies in India and China continue to develop and build their competitive positioning domestically, entrepreneurs in both countries are increasingly looking to acquire skills and assets outside their domestic markets.

In this regard, there is significant untapped potential for commercial collaboration between Indian and Chinese companies. Corporate collaboration in these sectors could help companies develop domestic markets on the one hand and strengthen the value proposition of companies seeking to compete abroad.

While the Chinese companies have emerged as global leaders across a range of scaled manufacturing industries, including electronics and certain capital goods, Indian companies have built leading businesses in knowledge-based and services industries, such as IT and healthcare services. It is for these types of industries that collaboration could range from a preferred vendor relationship all the way to a cross-border merger creating an international industry leader.

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